About Us

Adelphi Financial Brokers is an Investment Business Firm based in Waterford, serving the South East of Ireland and beyond.

Our team of highly trained and experienced advisors offers impartial financial advice in Mortgages & LendingLife & Pensions and Savings & Investments.

The founding Directors, John Smiles and John O’Byrne, with over 40 years’ experience in financial services between them, continue to head up the business today.

Professional Memberships

We are members of the following organisations:

  • Brokers Ireland
  • Trusted Advisor Group [TAG]

Authorised Status

Adelphi Financial Brokers is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as:

  • An Insurance/Reinsurance Intermediary – Registered as an insurance/reinsurance intermediary under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations, 2005 (as amended).
  • Investment Business Firm – Authorised as an Investment Business Firm under Section 10 of the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 (as amended).
  • Investment Product Intermediary – Service Providers  holding appointments from IIA product producers, including intermediaries that may issue appointments, appearing in the register maintained under Section 31 of the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 (as amended)
  • Mortgage Credit Intermediary – Mortgage Credit Intermediaries established and maintained by the Central Bank of Ireland pursuant to the European Union (Consumer Mortgage Credit Agreements) Regulations 2016.
  • Mortgage Intermediary – Authorised as a mortgage intermediary under the Consumer Credit Act, 1995 (as amended)

Statutory Codes

Adelphi Financial Brokers is subject to and complies with:

  • The Minimum Competency Code, 2011
    • Part 1 Fitness and Probity Standards
    • Part 2 Minimum Competency – Requirements
    • Part 3 Minimum Competency – Qualifications
  • Consumer Protection Code, 2012