What do Private Equity Funds do?

Private Equity [PE] firms raise money from wealthy individuals, pension funds and insurance companies. They source deals to acquire companies, perform the required due diligence and use the money raised, to close those deals. The new PE equity investor will usually have specialist knowledge of particular sectors. Using that expertise, they seek to […]

Should central banks abandon inflation targets?

Monetary policy appears to be headed towards an inflection point. The extraordinary support from central banks is being scaled back as economies improve and financial markets remain calm. Investors seem sceptical about how much central banks will raise interest rates by, because inflation remains stubbornly low across most of the […]

Protect yourself from Ghost Broking

The Gardaí have issued a warning to Irish drivers about the emerging fraudulent practice known as “Ghost Broking”.  Ghost Brokers pose as legitimate insurance intermediaries selling cheap insurance policies.  In reality, their policies are fake and not worth the paper they are written on. Insurance is important to protect the things […]

Investment needs Investors

At a recent conference in the International Conference Centre, Dublin, Arne Staal, Head of Multi-Asset Quant Strategies at Standard Life Investments, spoke about the increased use of data and technology in investment management. This data and technology provides real investment insights and increases the potential for discovery of false signals. Passive or […]

Q3 2017 investment review

Quarter 3 of 2017 was another positive period for risk assets with growth of between 2% and 4% in most global equity markets. Government bonds [Gilts] fell in September resulting in a loss for the quarter. The quarter saw modest global growth that surprisingly came from all regions. The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers […]

What is the Employment Investment and Incentive Scheme?

The Employment Investment  & Incentive (EII) allows individual investors to obtain income tax relief on investments made, in each tax year, into EII certified qualifying companies. The EII replaced the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) and runs until 2020. Companies seeking EII relief must directly seek certification from the Revenue Commissioners. EII […]

Government Bond yields and Pensions

Anyone with a personal or defined contribution pension requesting retirement benefits will discover unless they have a valuable guaranteed annuity locked in, they will be offered a smaller pension at retirement than previously. There are two reasons for this – annuity rates and longevity. Annuity rates are the rate a […]

Year-end worries for Investors

November/December can see some of the biggest moves in markets and experts have some issues to be cautious about. The prospect of ‘no-deal’ Brexit is probably the biggest worry. We are at the halfway point between the Brexit vote and the nominated date that the UK leaves the EU and […]

Imputed Distribution deadlines

Holders of Approved Retirement Funds [ARF] and vested PRSAs, aged 61 or older, must take a minimum annual income from their policies in every tax year called an ‘Imputed Distribution’. The rate of imputed distribution is aged related. From 61 to 74, the rate is 4% pa and from 75, it […]

When will equities crash?

Since 6th March 2009 to 3rd November 2017, the S & P 500 increased spectacularly from 683.38 to 2,587.84 and the FTSE 100 from 3,530.73 to 7,560.35. Many analysts have been predicting a stock market collapse based on stock markets being at all-time highs; bull markets have traditionally never run […]