Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your Bespoke Plan
    • Whatever the requirements, whether you are a parent, grandparent, relative or trustee, Adelphi Financial Brokers will create and administer a plan tailored to suit your circumstances. We will take account of the number and ages of the children concerned, your expectations for their education and, of course your financial resources.

  • Why do I need education fees planning advice?
    • Having decided to provide for your children’s education it is important to take appropriate advice to ensure the continuity of their education.

      Good advice will reduce the burden of education fees and ensure that your child completes their education regardless of a change in your circumstances.

      When sending children to college, parents should be fully aware of the financial implications and be confident they can afford the fees throughout the selected term. If the costs of education are not planned properly it could prove serious for both the child and the parent at a later date.

  • Why choose Adelphi?
    • The reasons why so many people choose us are:

      • Financial solutions selected from the entire marketplace
      • Expert advice from qualified specialists
      • A local representative who will visit you either at home or your place of work
  • What is the secret of planning for education fees?
    • The secret of paying education fees is to plan early. Money invested in insurance policies when your child is a baby will provide tax-free sums. Even as little as five years before your child is due to go to school, there are investments which will help to reduce the financial burden.

  • Have I left it too late?
    • If you haven’t built up enough funds in advance, the alternatives are to pay-as-you-go out of income while your child is at school, or borrow to repay later once they have left. Most people end up using a combination of methods, especially once two or more children go boarding, reach university level and/or require accommodation.

  • What are the main factors that determine a good plan?
    • Every family is in a different position, but the biggest single deciding factor is not the level of fees but the length of time available to build up a fund to pay those fees. Some of the factors that we will take account of are:

      • Is it good value?
      • Is it safe?
      • It is low risk?
      • It is tax efficient?
      • What are the hidden costs?
      • It is timely?
      • Is it flexible?
  • Does Adelphi fund education fees?
    • We will save you money by finding the most cost effective plan to meet your needs.

  • Should I release equity or take out a loan?
    • If you own your home, then you may be able to release equity from its value. Alternatively, you may need to borrow money as a secured or unsecured loan. Either way, we will help you take the most effective route.

  • How am I able to best protect the payment of future school fees?
    • It is possible to apply for an insurance plan which will pay a monthly tax-free benefit in the event of death or diagnosis of a critical illness. The cost of this cover will depend on the level of the benefit, your age and state of health.

  • How could I spread the cost of my payments?
    • It may be possible to set up an efficient draw down of capital secured against your property to spread the cost of education fees over a longer period. You only pay interest on the money that is gradually withdrawn. Your home may be re-possessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

  • Is there a specific plan that you use or advise upon?
    • As independent financial advisors, we are able to offer products from the whole market place.

      As education fees specialists we are able to select and tailor products to meet your specific requirements.

  • How do I cover the shortfall in savings plans that have not performed as well as I had expected?
    • This is where personal financial advice is particularly important. The answer to how best to cover a shortfall will depend on your personal circumstances.