Executive or Company Pensions

An Executive pension is a company pension where your employer makes a payment into the pension plan on your behalf. You may also pay into it.

There are three different types of pension arrangement possible:

  • A straightforward company pension plan 
    Normally taken out with a Life Insurance company that helps you build a fund for your retirement and that helps you make the most of your retirement fund. All regulatory issues are dealt with in the background and you need only choose how much to contribute and which of the company’s funds to invest in?
  • A self-directed pension plan 
    This gives you extra choice in where to invest your money. You can invest directly in a portfolio of equities [shares] via a stockbroker or purchase investments with other approved fund managers. All the regulatory issues are still provided by the insurance company.
  • Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme*
    These are the fastest growing sector of the Irish pensions market. With increased financial awareness, many Irish proprietary directors and key employees want greater control over their pension scheme, what it invests in and what price they are prepared to pay to reach their financial objectives. SSAP’s allow our Financial Advisers tailor the pension fund to suit your needs. What’s more, they can do so at costs significantly lower than a traditional pension plan from a life insurance company. At a time when most people are looking for something different and better value for their money, the traditional offerings look increasingly less attractive to higher net worth individuals.
*Please note that Small Self-administered Pension Schemes [SSAP] are not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and as such, setting up and investing in an SSAP or buying property directly is a non-regulated activity. Investors are not covered by the Central Bank of Ireland’s Consumer Protection Code; do not have the protection of the Statutory Compensation Fund and cannot avail of the Financial Services Ombudsman’s Bureau services. SSAPs are regulated by the Pensions Board and the Revenue Commissioners.

Adelphi Financial Brokers can help you tailored the pension service to your needs. We provide full set up, administration and technical assistance as well as helping you to choose quality investment products.

Four great reasons to choose an Executive pension

  1. Choice
    Executive pension plans offer a range of options depending on how you (the member) want to save for your retirement.
  2. Security
    If the trustee asks us we can switch your fund into more secure funds in the five years before your chosen retirement date. This service is called an Individual Investment Service.
  3. Flexibility 
    The trustee can choose your level of contribution (subject to a minimum amount per month) and you have the option to increase or reduce it at any time. You can contribute lump sums each year instead of (or as well as) regular contributions if you prefer, and you can even take a payment holiday if you need to.
  4. Tax relief
    You and your employer could get full tax relief (subject to Revenue limits) on payments made into an Executive standard plan.
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