Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA)

How do they work?

‘Personal Retirement Savings Accounts’, were introduced by the Government to encourage more individuals to save for their retirement. They are regulated by the Pensions Board and the Revenue Commissioners, with the aim of providing a clear, simple savings vehicle for people when they retire.

Four great reasons to choose a PRSA

  1. Simplicity
    PRSAs were designed to be easy to understand and to help you save for retirement in a straightforward way
  2. Tax Relief
    Subject to Revenue limits every Euro you pay into a PRSA may qualify for tax relief. This means that you could get almost half your money back if you’re a top rate taxpayer. Also there’s no tax on growth of the PRSA funds, so your money can grow quickly.
  3. Low Charges
    All PRSA solutions offer great value for money with no large up front costs.
  4. Great Options
    However you want saving for your retirement to work, we will identify a PRSA to suit you.
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