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Peace of Mind about your Education Fees Plan

Expertise and Experience

Education Fees Planning is a core part of our business as it has been since we were formed in 2000. All our consultants are qualified and fully trained and are able to provide an education fees planning service to clients throughout the country.

A Tailored Plan

As a principle, we only work with the leading financial institutions whose performance and strength have been proven over many years. Our service commitment is to monitor the performance of your chosen education fees plan, advise you of progress and make adjustments, should your needs change. Whatever your plans, our experience could help your children take full advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity that is education.

Guaranteed Plans

There are investment plans available that guarantee that their returns will meet expected payment needs. Our tailored plans will contain an element of guaranteed return depending on financial circumstances.

Protecting your Payments

Over 80% of parents pay their school fees out of income. If the principal parental income ceases due to redundancy, unemployment or accident and sickness, many parents find it difficult to continue to fund education for their children. There are products available that protect education fee payments and ensure that your children will be able to afford to complete their education.


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