Tracker Bonds

Structured Investment Products/Tracker Bonds

Structured Products (Tracker Bonds) play an essential part in the portfolios of virtually all cautious investors. These products offer you an investment vehicle over a relatively short term of 3 to 6 years with full Capital Security, whilst also allowing the prospect of significant growth.

We can provide products with Capital Security of greater than 100% and we can link the Investment Option to more than just a basket of stock market indices. If required, we can provide individualised or “bespoke” products exclusively for our clients. We also endeavour to have an “off-the-shelf” product at any given time to suit our investing client’s needs. Please see our home page for information on tracker bonds that are currently available for investment.

The charges being levied by product producers, the main banks and life companies can vary significantly and by researching the market, we ensure that our clients get better terms by dealing with us.

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